Monday, September 6, 2010

Sophie for sale @ Christie’s!

Jan Magazine celebrates its 5th anniversary and for this special occasion they organize a benefit auction. The famous auction house Christie’s selected 16 unique images of known Dutch women. A beautiful portrait of our friend Sophie Hilbrand photographed by Eric van Elsen is part of the auction.

The proceeds of Sophie’s portrait will go to and will be used to finance a water project in Bangladesh. If you have the winning bid, not only will you have Sophie in your home, but you will also get your own waterwell from Stichting Max in Bangladesh.

A photo of the water well with your name on it, together with the coordinates of your water well will be sent to you once the water well has been installed. The online auction lasts untill midnight of September 10th. Click here and place your bid now!

Photo right: example of water well in Bangladesh by Stichting Max
Photo Sophie: photographed by
Eric van Elsen

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