Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If you want social networking for tap water drinkers: Join the pipe!

Let me first say "Happy Mother's Day" to all the mothers out there. Then let me share something that seems fitting for this Mother's Day: a cause my daughter turned me onto, a cause which every mother can support. Yes, it is clean water for those who need it. Again.

But JoinThePipe has done it with a clever twist. They have invented social networking for tap water drinkers, including a JoinThePipe reusable water bottle that users can link with friends, to make the "longest pipe in the world." The pipe bottles and carafes symbolize bringing clean water to any area where people are suffering and dying for that which other parts of the world have in excess. A video and image of the longest pipe and more details on how JoinThePipe grows the pipeline can be found in the extended. The aspirations and imaginative schemes will astound even the most cynical H2No-ers.

Text: Christine Lepisto, Berlin

Click here to visit the website and read the full article on treehugger.com

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Daniel Noll said...

Bottled Water Bamboozaled in Mexico
I am a “gringo” living in Mexico and unless there is simply no other alternative, even Mexicans don’t drink the water here. The primary substitutes are either sodas which are consumed in incredible quantities or bottled water. Most families will but “garafons” (20 litre bottles) as needed from delivery trucks roaming around town. Depending on the location the price will run about 6 pesos to 22 pesos. For poorer families it can place a real burden on their financial resources.
Unfortunately this is a typical practice around the world. Many municipalities have largely given up or never have taken up the fight to provide clean, clear, safe drinking water to the communities they serve.
I research water issues regularly and post them on our web site - Berkey Water Filter System which, as the name implies, sell Berkey gravity filters.
Congratulation on your efforts to promote clean water for all the world.
Exactly how do you join the join the pipeline effort? We'd love to promote it on our websites.