Tuesday, December 30, 2008

JointhePipe.org Auction

Lorenzo de Rita & Coen Fredriks

On Friday 19 December 2008 under the watchful eye of ‘auctioneer’ Coen Fredriks, 20 pieces of JointhePipe.org memorabilia were auctioned off.
A real bidding war went on for nearly one hour between nearly 100 people wanting to get their hands on unique and funny JointhePipe.org pieces such as the official Business plan, the First drawing of the bottle, the Refused bottle by Al Gore, JointhePipe.org limited edition clothing and of course the prototypes of the first bottles including two goldfish!

Frank modelling a unique JointhePipe.org 'Christmas Spencer'

Lorenzo de Rita & Marc Madelyn, who had the winning bid for the 'Official First Drawing of the JointhePipe bottle'.

In total €3490 euros were raised. JointhePipe.org has doubled this amount to €6980. The proceeds of the auction will go to Ryan McManus who is going to make a documentary about the tiny Pacific island state of Tuvalu which is sinking into the ocean due to global warming.

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